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The drought has ended..


YES!! I’m back. The lappy-less drought has finally ended. I got myself a new laptop *cough*  it’s actually office’s, not mine, but I treated it as mine all the same *cough*. Finally I can catch up with drama and blogging ^^



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Don’t trust anyone saying “I’m just going to watch this one k-drama”

Yes, please don’t trust them, don’t even trust yourself, if you are saying something similar to this then you are completely tricked by the k-devil. Once you started there’s like no turning back at all. Let me show you an example on how that “ONE” drama will turned your daily routine upside-down, just like how it did mine.


A portion of drama/movie I’ve been watching for the past 3 months

See…Don’t plant the seed, it will spread like mushrooms after the rain.  One by one a new k-drama/k-movie is being added to my “planning-to-watch” list. This all worsened once I get to know MyDramaList website. I can’t ignore the user recommendations, the good ratings and reviews and so, my list grows and still growing.

But nonetheless, I’m happy with this new lifestyle. If any of you don’t want to be like me, just remember, don’t start that ONE drama. *~whisper~ start it ~whisper~*


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Robber(2008) – Kwon Oh Joon’s variety of jobs

Holla! Do you know Kwon Oh Joon?


I am Kwon Oh Joon

A swindler, conman, I hate him very much, but not after he fall in love with Jin Dal Rae. Determined to leave all the bad past behind, he took a variety of jobs to support his living.

1. Babysitter


looks like a loving father. $$$

2. Maid


Yeah! Eat hot-dog everyday.

3. Street Entertainer


I am a dancing machine. Don’t just watch, give me money

4. Teaching Martial art


Learn under me and you can achieve this in 1month


and this in another half month

But what the others didn’t know, was his secret job.

5. Saving the world


Monster won’t stand any chance against me!

:p Okay, Robber’s fan, don’t get angry with me. I do this for fun only. /o/ \o\


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