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Fated To Love You Eps 1: Gifs

So, I can finally make gifs! After a month using mac, finally I found half of my life again. You don’t know how much I enjoy making gifs! I did a few for Fated To Love You eps 1.


Shampoo dance anyone?


Make sure to laugh big after drench your basically head to toe


And walk away like Captain Jack Sparrow

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Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

Lee Dae Gil and his famous fat free chocolate. I love the character, I love Jang Hyuk, I love the drawing and I love the artist -Zhaoul. Thank you ❤


Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

This is a long overdue requested fan art of Daegil (from the Kdrama Chuno) with his glorious chocolate abs. Oh, Daegil… you still look so sad. It breaks my heart. I just want to comfort you, but I know it won’t reach your bleeding heart.

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Confirmed: Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara will star in Fated to love you remake

I just love 2014! Great! Real great. Me dancing in the sky.

Stuck on Hyuk


It is confirmed. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara will be the leads in the upcoming remake of taiwanese drama Fated to love you. Here is some information from different publications

Plot: An ordinary woman happens to spend one night with the successor of a large company. She finds herself being pregnant…..

Characters: Lee Geon (Jang Hyuk) is described as a “surreal perfect guy” who gets his position of successor of his family’s company threatened, due to the fact that he has no children and it doesn’t look like he will have any soon. He is pretty sassy and direct when he speaks but has a warm heart (I also read, straightforward but kind) He is the 9th generation son of a rich family. Guys in his family tend to die young, so he is pressured to get married and have a kid soon by his grandma and his entire family.

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3/27/14 Thorn – 1st round of interviews and photos with Jang Hyuk

Beautiful namja ^^

Stuck on Hyuk


It’s so nice to wake up to Jang Hyuk news and especially if they are accompanied with gorgeous photos. This time the stylist did a good job in taming “the hair” so it is easier to focus on his handsome face.


These photos are the result of a round of interviews done for the press as part of the Thorn promotion


Here are some excerpts from the interviews: (translation by Gumi)

He mentioned he does not plan to be a regular on Variety Shows anytime soon. He mentioned he wants to to do a “special project” every 10 years. And that project will be a one time thing.


Q: Kim Sooro recommended you to do theater. Do you want to try it?
A: I do have admiration for the stage. But as of now, I’m more attracted to portrayal through video.


He said “Real Men” was a healing experience for…

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1% of favorite moments in Chuno

Who am I??

Choco-abs Lee Dae Gil to be precise.

And I can fight like this

I downloaded the 720p version of Chuno few weeks ago. After comparing the quality of the video with the one I used to watch before, I threw my laptop out the window. *<< an obvious lie*

Lee Dae Gil is too beautiful in HD to be true. And the scenery, breathtaking. I just peek a little here and there and did a bit of HD screen-cap. I’ll do a lot soon, when I have the time to rewatch this high quality show.

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Thorn Teaser 1, Screencap

The not so busy me got nothing to do so I decided to screencap “Thorn teaser 1”. Lets feast our eyes with the beautiful Teacher Junki.

Don’t look at her like that. She’s dangerous. You’ll regret it


Just focus on the beautiful man


Can’t really blame her


Now, this girl is really scary


I told you she’s dangerous. That’s a knife!


And I already said, you will regret it


For her, this is all love


But for him this is crazy, creepy and scary!


What are you going to do now Teacher Junki??

Okay, loling at the expression.

Beautiful Teacher Junki



Fearless Scary Student



Coming soon on your theater this April.


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THORN Teaser 1

The most anticipated movie for me for now. Enjoy the teaser, they did great in changing the title from ‘Strawberry Milk’ to ‘Thorn’. Strawberry has no right to be here!

Stuck on Hyuk

I watched it for ten times before it occurred to me that we should probably share it on our blog.


Dictation&Translation of what’s said there for those who might want it:

절 어떻게 생각하세요? How do you think of me?
영은아…그만 하자. YoungEun-ah..Let’s stop this.
미치겠다고 이제. I’m going crazy now.
원래 겁 없거든요. I’m fearless, you know.
넌 장난감이었을 뿐이야. You were just a toy.
사랑이야. It’s love.
그건 사랑하고 다른거야. It’s different from love.
사랑이 아니면, 뭔데요? If it’s not love, what is it?

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Jang Hyuk for Schick Groomer


Have you watch this? I just love this look 😉



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New pictures for the movie “Thorn”

New stills of Movie Thorn ;)) I would have a full attendance if this was my teacher.

Stuck on Hyuk











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Min Gi Seo Vitamin



Recharge done! Energy 101%

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