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Fated To Love You Eps 3: Screencaps

There’ll be no extra description in this post. All descriptions are written under each image. Enjoy.

*note: Please click for bigger display*

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.24.46 PM

Who else if not the Hamu Hamu pair. I still wondering how did they even get that video, shouldn’t the camcorder fall into the water??


And that’s the end of episode 3. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I didn’t just post 130++ screenshots did I?

note: These are screenshots taken during live stream, so no HD.

2nd note: updated some captions after watching with subs. Hehe, I still have a long way to go to fully understand Korean.



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Fated To Love You Eps 1: Gifs

So, I can finally make gifs! After a month using mac, finally I found half of my life again. You don’t know how much I enjoy making gifs! I did a few for Fated To Love You eps 1.


Shampoo dance anyone?


Make sure to laugh big after drench your basically head to toe


And walk away like Captain Jack Sparrow

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Fated To Love you Eps 2: Screencaps

I seriously loving Jang Nara unnie. She’s the best!!! Enough said.

Lee Geon having his beauty massage.

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Later in the room

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Then the drugged Kim Miyoung entering the scene and next we know is the morning after.

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While way back in korea, Lee Geon grandmother is imagining something and this picture comes up.

So cute


Lee Geon is very angry.

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Lee Geon receives a voice message from the girlfriend who already fly to new york.

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After the heartbroken news, I think he tries to let his frustration to Miyoung, which does not went well of course.

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Then Miyoung going back to her room only to found this.

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Miyoung says how she really like that lawyer and how she really anticipated to go to this trip. Lee Geon is angry and ask/force her to follow him.

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Revenge time!

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It’s time to say goodbye *for now*

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And there! Done. Took me 2 hours to finish this. I practically screencap 90% of the whole episode. Having a hard time to choose what to post. Until next time.



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Fated To Love You Eps 1: Screencaps

I just watched Fated To Love You online.

Though it lagged, I managed to screencap not too little of the whole thing ^^.

I don’t really understand what they said so forgive me if what I wrote is not what the story delivered.

First, Lee Geon filming a CF. He’s the shampoo company sajangnim I think. The model(Clara) said something bad about the shampoo and refuse to continue filming, so he rush there and filming by himself while everyone is dumbfounded at first and admiring at last. *That everyone has me included*

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So there was actually a part where he forcefully open his shirt showing his toned abs, but I was too focus on the said abs, I forgot to cmd+shft+3.

Then he proudly coming late to what seems like an important meeting and saying something about marriage. Lee Geon is not a normal person. This might be the result of getting too close to ‘Mimi’.


And here comes our Kim Miyoung. She’s a very hardworking, nice and the type of girl who can’t say no to whoever asking her for a help.

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She portrayed a lot of different emotions in this, I just have to post it.

Their first meeting is quite hilarious though cliched. Lee Geon is admiring the ring he bought for his girlfriend, Kim Miyoung trying to save a little kid from the dangerous escalator, and there were 2 boys on the side holding two buckets of small balls. You should know what happened.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.29.59 PM

Yes, Lee geon is afraid of dog, he force Miyoung to retrieve the ring which by fate ended in this dog’s territory

This is the scene where they were chased by the black dog like in the teaser. He thinks of his ancestors while running and then goes “By the way, who is this girl. She’s too fast, too fast. Let’s run together a.k.a don’t leave me”.

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But the dog is actually chasing them because he wants the candy from Miyoung. Lee Geon blaming everything on Miyoung and leaves her there while screaming like a maniac and Miyoung was like “what kind of person is that?”.

Miyoung won 2 ticket to Macau. And go with the bad guy. I don’t know what’s his name. Doesn’t seems that important.

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And here comes the girlfriend. Lee Geon loves her so much, we can all see from his expression.

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Daniel, I just know he is the 2nd lead. I don’t actually know what is his role yet.

Choi Jin Hyuk!!


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The last scene. Lee Geon is practicing(?) his proposal speech, and Miyoung who is resting on the other side is listening and really moved by the speech.

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I can’t wait for the raw and soft-sub. And really, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s eps. Until next time, bye bye.


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FTLY Jang Hyuk filming pic!+Script reading

Stuck on Hyuk


Sorry, it’s only his back 😛

buttttt finally!!! I’ve been waiting so long!! Yessss FTLY hwaiting!!


Script reading pic just released!



+more filming pics!



the one in red pants in the back is our dearest female lead, Jang Nara 😛

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Emergency Couple – The end

This series ended few weeks back and I was having severe writer’s block on those weeks, hence the delay.

I’m satisfied with the ending where  every character have their fair share of happiness.

And I have this exact expression towards the end.

Emergency Couple E21.mp4_20140406_120413.977

Yes, this. Happy ending is the best

But surprisingly, I’m having no withdrawal syndrome with this drama, at all. I love it for sure, but perhaps it was because I did the translation of english subs to malay that requires me to watch each episode at least twice that lead me to drama-vitamin-overdose, and I was and still am crazy in my ‘Slam Dunk’ world.  That two reasons help keeping the annoying withdrawal syndrome at bay.

I’m eager to see them all  in other project. I now see Song Ji Hyo in another light, Choi Jin Hyuk is safely put in my actor list *though he’ll enlist in army end of this year, yeah, that sucks! They haven’t even returned Song Joong Ki to me, now they want to take another?! T_T*, and most importantly, I got to know and admire a new Ahjussi, Lee Pil Mo. Opps, I forgot to mention Choi Yeo Jin. I’ll check her other dramas. She’s too lovely and sexy and she definitely knows it. Hahah.

And before I end this post, let’s enjoy the cutest baby on Dramaland.


The one and only, Baby Gook


*Note: this is kind of wrap up post for Emergency Couple. I have to post this because I hate leaving anything hanging. I don’t write for quite some time so please forgive any awkwardness you found in this post. I’m trying my best recollecting my blogging spirit that I left here and there and everywhere else.

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Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

Lee Dae Gil and his famous fat free chocolate. I love the character, I love Jang Hyuk, I love the drawing and I love the artist -Zhaoul. Thank you ❤


Choco ab Daegil by Zhaoul

This is a long overdue requested fan art of Daegil (from the Kdrama Chuno) with his glorious chocolate abs. Oh, Daegil… you still look so sad. It breaks my heart. I just want to comfort you, but I know it won’t reach your bleeding heart.

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Confirmed: Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara will star in Fated to love you remake

I just love 2014! Great! Real great. Me dancing in the sky.

Stuck on Hyuk


It is confirmed. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara will be the leads in the upcoming remake of taiwanese drama Fated to love you. Here is some information from different publications

Plot: An ordinary woman happens to spend one night with the successor of a large company. She finds herself being pregnant…..

Characters: Lee Geon (Jang Hyuk) is described as a “surreal perfect guy” who gets his position of successor of his family’s company threatened, due to the fact that he has no children and it doesn’t look like he will have any soon. He is pretty sassy and direct when he speaks but has a warm heart (I also read, straightforward but kind) He is the 9th generation son of a rich family. Guys in his family tend to die young, so he is pressured to get married and have a kid soon by his grandma and his entire family.

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3/27/14 Thorn – 1st round of interviews and photos with Jang Hyuk

Beautiful namja ^^

Stuck on Hyuk


It’s so nice to wake up to Jang Hyuk news and especially if they are accompanied with gorgeous photos. This time the stylist did a good job in taming “the hair” so it is easier to focus on his handsome face.


These photos are the result of a round of interviews done for the press as part of the Thorn promotion


Here are some excerpts from the interviews: (translation by Gumi)

He mentioned he does not plan to be a regular on Variety Shows anytime soon. He mentioned he wants to to do a “special project” every 10 years. And that project will be a one time thing.


Q: Kim Sooro recommended you to do theater. Do you want to try it?
A: I do have admiration for the stage. But as of now, I’m more attracted to portrayal through video.


He said “Real Men” was a healing experience for…

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1% of favorite moments in Chuno

Who am I??

Choco-abs Lee Dae Gil to be precise.

And I can fight like this

I downloaded the 720p version of Chuno few weeks ago. After comparing the quality of the video with the one I used to watch before, I threw my laptop out the window. *<< an obvious lie*

Lee Dae Gil is too beautiful in HD to be true. And the scenery, breathtaking. I just peek a little here and there and did a bit of HD screen-cap. I’ll do a lot soon, when I have the time to rewatch this high quality show.

WARNING, Spoilers ahead!!  Continue reading


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