Shine or Go Crazy – Wang So’s character description

Stuck on Hyuk


MBC official site description
Translation by Gumi

Wang Gun’s 4th son. Third Wife’s third son. “If this child gets born as a prince not princess, darkness will shower the whole nation and the palace will be washed with blood. Countless people will die, up and down will get reverted, and the world will be shaken.”

Born in the strongest maternal family but due to the prophecy that he will bring bloodstorm in Goryo, was stigmatized as ‘the cursed prince’.When he was 8, his older brother Wang Tae gets killed mysteriously, and Wang Gun (father) worries that he will be blamed. so he kicks out Wang So from palace.

He grows up in Keum Gang mountain.Because of the stigma that he is cursed and the scar that he was abandoned he lived freely without any goal in his life.

He meets Shin Yool and learns the significance of ‘choice’. He starts…

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