I’m still here ^^

Konnichiwa minna-sama. ^^

I’m taking what a little not-so-free time I have right now to do this. I miss writing and I have no intention to let the spiderwebs filling this little blog of mine, but what do I know? Real life is kinda cruel, there’s a project I need to deliver as soon as possible, and my housing loan arrangement which is very fortunately, 90% done. Ohh, how I wish buying a house is as easy as buying a car. ~sigh~

I miss a lot of korean dramas. Fated to love you is already over but I still stuck in Eps.14. And I just know that the director cut DVD is confirmed! OMG! If only I don’t spend a lot of money on my house, I would buy this right away. And I need to save money for my trip next month too. I’ll buy it later, I guess.

And well, my little free time is over.

*note: I miss everyone here and I don’t really care if you guys miss me or not ^^. But, if you don’t mind, miss me, please :p

note 2: Bonus *for me*


I miss this hair.


note 3: I’m hungry………………….


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