1/1 Liebster Award [Updated 12 Feb 2014]


Okay, I received my second Liebster Award nomination today from Stuck On Hyuk. I received one from Drama Noona before and this is my answer to her questions. After the second nomination I guess I need to create a full Liebster Award so I too can ask people questions. Let me be honest here, I’m always having trouble for answering questions on the net because of my English! I’m not that good in this language so I can’t really express what I actually want to  express.

Now the purpose of the Liebster Award is to encourage writers of new blogs and explore more of this world of blogging.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Stuck on Hyuk’s Questions 

1.- If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why?

  • Thank You – Min Gi Seo.
  • Vampire Prosecutor – They have 2 seasons. Including Thank You I can consider that as 3 k-dramas.
  • God’s Quiz – This have 3 seasons. Including the drama above I get to bring 6 k-dramas. :p

2.- You are on the same desert island and you can make only three k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?)

I bet you girls love deserted island so much. Alone with 3 k-hotties, you girls are naughty *smirk*

  • Jang Hyuk – he should be in charge of Hot Dogs department but I doubt there’ll be any ingredient to make hot dogs on a desert island so he will be in dancing department, he will also be my bodyguard.
  • Shim ChangMin – this guy will be in singing department of course. But he eats a lot, still wonder whether to bring him along or not. He will shows his grumpy side if there is not enough food. Hmmm….
  • Yeon Jeong Hun – This hotty will be in smiling department. He should do nothing but smile in front of me *.*.

3.- I (DramaFan) am still not familiar with Kpop. What is the one korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs?

TVXQ – I love the  5 of them but sadly the group already disband on 2009. But there are a lot of fans all around the world that still believe that one day they will unite and we still here to support all 5 of them. I love their japanese songs more than their koreans. This is japanese and this is 100% live, Wasurenaide.

4.- The next time I go to a korean restaurant, what should I definitely order?

Kimchi jjigae – it’s a kimchi stew, healthy and delicious. My favorite korean dish. ❤

5.- What was your first Kdrama crush?

Gong Yoo. I fall for him after watching Coffee Prince.  Before Jang Hyuk stole my heart I have Gong Yoo all over the place – twitter display picture, facebook profile picture, desktop wallpaper and phone wallpaper. I still use his photo from BIG as my current Whatsapp wallpaper :D. Even my mom recognizes his face. And did I mention he’s hot? No? He is hot.

6.- What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day? (Gumi: My record is 14, it was when I was on a Chuno run:P)

I never count. But I used to watch drama more than 20 hours straight. Like I started one afternoon and finished the next evening. And for the record, when I was in university, I did not sleep for 2 days marathoning One Piece. Yes, I’m crazy I know. But I can’t do that long nowadays.

7. Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand?

Evil rich parent trying their best to separate their son’s love relationship. Did I say son? Yes, because almost all of female lead character in kDrama *melodrama* are  poor.

8. Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy?

While trying to answer this question I googled KDrama cliche and landed here >> Top 25 Korean Drama Cliches

And the one I enjoy the most is Sauna scene 😀 *cough* and *cough* shower scene *cough*

9. Who is your favorite korean actress?

Kim Sun-ah, Jeon JiHyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Minah. I can’t just choose one.

10. Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST

Park Yoochun A space left for you.

 List 11 random facts about yourself.

1. Tall for an Asian girl.

2. I hate chocolate (but I do eat it at times)

3. Coffee addict. I can’t start my day without coffee in the morning

4. I view myself as a quiet type but a lot of people just don’t want to agree with me. I wonder why.

5. Talk first, think later, regret afterwards.

6. I was a rowing athlete before in my university – and at that time I don’t know how to swim! And we did our practice without wearing life-jacket.

7. Love to rewatch whatever I love to watch – a lot of time, over and over again.

8. Active in facebook since 2008, twitter since October 2010, wordpress since 2013.

9. Create a twitter account just because of Park Yoochun created his  and thinking of quitting twitter when Yoochun closed his account.

10. Have 7 piercings. 3 on the left ear and 4 on the right

11. Not a good driver but still loves to drive.

The Nominees: 

*I can nominate someone who nominated me right?*

1. Stuck on Hyuk

2. Drama Noona

3. DDee

4. K-Shot of Hot


6. A Mix of Anything and Everything

7. Hyuk Honey – * I don’t know where to notify her, somebody help me, Cathy did you read this?? If yes then, I nominate you for a Liebster Award :D*

The other blogs I follow, already Liebstered so many times so this is it.

My Questions

1. What is your favorite movie? – from any country

2. What is the most wonderful thing that happened in your life.

3. What are you doing right now other than answering this question.

4. If you were given USD 10,000 what will you do with that money? Please don’t save it.

5. Android or iPhone?

6. Do you have someone you want to punch at this current moment?

7. Express yourself in 3 words

8. Express your k-drama crush in 3 words.

9. What is your favorite korean phrases?

10. Coffee or tea or milk?


I got another Liebster nomination from Michelle..hurray \o/

And this is my answer her questions

1. You are the star of your very own noona romance drama. Who is the younger man who will win your heart and how will he do it?


I’m not really into younger man so this question is really hard to answer. Why don’t you ask ahjussi romance. I’ll write a perfect story-line then :p . Hahah, but if I really need to choose one, it will be Ryu Deok Hwan,  his character as Dr. Han Jin Woo to be exact. He need not to do anything to win my heart, he already did.

2. Who do you believe is the K-star that can deliver the best and most believable kiss?

Lee Byung Hun – in the drama Iris with Kim Tae Hee.

3. Which K-pop star who hasn’t crossed over into acting would you like to see in a drama or film?

Honestly I have none. I’m so into TVXQ  and Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin all have their own dramas. While Junsu have made a cameo appearance in drama-Scent of a Woman. I’ll have to say I would like Junsu to stay in his musical world. And between the five of them, Park Yoochun is the most outstanding actor so I would like to see more of him. He has 2 upcoming projects. Movie Sea Fog that scheduled to be release in late summer this year and Drama Three Days that will replace You Who Came From the Stars starting early March 😀

4. Which character from a drama (or film) would you be ok with introducing to your mother and why?

I have a lot. Can I introduce more than 1?

  • Dr. Min Gi Seo (Thank you) – My mom will love him! And she will love me more. She’ll approve him right away, he’s a doctor after all.
  • Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon(Vampire Prosecutor) – You and me need to keep this secret from my mother, that he’s a vampire. I’ll ask him to keep smiling in front of her. I totally love his smile.
  • Dr. Gook Chun Su (Emergency Couple) – Again a doctor – she’ll love him too ❤

5. Sageuk – yay or nay?

A big yay!! Chuno and  A tree with Deep Root. Also Iljimae, Sungkyungkwan Scandal and The moon that embraces the sun.

6.  Which K-star (drama or pop) would make you leave the comforts of your home in order to attend a fan meet?

TVXQ5, Jang Hyuk, Yeon Jung Hun.

7. Do you have a genre preference (historical, melo, romcom) and if so, which and why?

I love all of them but right now I’m so into fantasy, crime, mystery such as in Vampire Prosecutor and God’s quiz. The thrill to know who is the real criminal make me so excited.

8. Do you have a drama watching partner? If so, who?

No. =_=’

9. Have you ever dissed family or friends to watch K-drama (hehehehe)?


10. Do you have a fave ‘ship? If so, who?


Right now it’s Oh Jin Hee and Gook Chun Soo in Emergency Couple. I’m having a Second Lead Syndrome right now. Though they will not end up together but I still love and ship them!!

Thank you again Michelle 😀


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17 responses to “1/1 Liebster Award [Updated 12 Feb 2014]

  1. Aiiisssh why are your questions so hard?? As usual, the comedian strikes again :). And I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t like chocolate. And i think your English is very good, and feel free to comment in BM on my blog anytime if it helps you express your wonderful self better. Hwaiting!

  2. Thank you so much!! I look forward to answering your questions soon! So exciting!

  3. Thank you so-so much! I agree with DDee that your English is fantastic! Thank you so much for the nomination, I love your questions! Once I’ve got some free time I will answer them! I hope do it tomorrow!

  4. What a fun read, HyukFan! 😀 You sure are humorous and entertaining, for someone who believes that she’s not good in English! Don’t underestimate your wit, chingu. I enjoyed this read a heap, and it’s all coz of how your wrote it ^^ Congrats on your Liebsters!!

    • I first want to nominate you but your liebster post is too long already. The english, it gets better here, after reading so many post. Blogging is not bad at all. I get to know fantastic people and get to improve my english too. ^^

  5. Pingback: The Liebster Award–Part 2 | obsessive compulsive (k)drama-watching disorder

  6. Hi! I finished up my answers to your questions and posted them here: http://rarapop.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/liebster-award/

    Thanks again and sorry for the delay!! I really enjoyed answering your questions 😀

  7. Pingback: Liebster Award Take 2 & 3 | A Mix of Anything and Everything

  8. Alright! I still have answering my questions as a pending item! (thank you so much for the nomination) busy week at work! but I want to write my reaction to your post! first of all, cool article on k-drama cliches. I am not surprised your favorite is the shower scenes, of course! you call us naughty but who is the naughtiest girl in the kingdom? Ahjussi fan! I do agree with this choice though 😉 I think my other favorite in mandatory piggyback ride and I always get a kick out of the “engrish”. My least favorite would have to be wide eyed open kiss, bubbly girl and jerk chabeol pairing and I find the wrist grabbing a bit annoying. About the random facts about yourself? I wouldn’t have guessed you are a quite person hehe, but sometimes it is the introverts who prefer to express themselves better through writing etc I also consider myself and introvert but even people around me don’t seem to agree 😀 Well, I only talk about subjects I care about, and I’m horrible at small talk, and that is, I read somewhere, a characteristic of introverts. I find it cute that you rewatch things many times like little kids tend to do 😉 and I wish I loved driving! Im jealous, because I have a fear of driving and it is a problem. Thanks again my friend! Ill answer your questions as soon as possible.

    • Yes, I only talk about subjects I care and only to the people I really comfortable with. And their engrish is so cute 😀 not only in k-drama but also in k-pop like TVXQ 10th anniversary album supposed it says “10 years” but they pronounced it as “10 ears” hahaha, so cute. Fans have been putting literally 10 ears as their twitter display picture after listening to the album. I once feared of driving too. I started to drive exactly after 4 years obtaining my licence. I always have this thought before, what if I kill people if I drive. The thought was scary. I look forward to your answer.

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