Shine or Go Crazy – Official posters

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Shine or Go Crazy – Wang So posters

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Shine or Go Crazy – New Wang So and Shin Yool stills +

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Shine or Go Crazy – Wang So’s character description

Stuck on Hyuk


MBC official site description
Translation by Gumi

Wang Gun’s 4th son. Third Wife’s third son. “If this child gets born as a prince not princess, darkness will shower the whole nation and the palace will be washed with blood. Countless people will die, up and down will get reverted, and the world will be shaken.”

Born in the strongest maternal family but due to the prophecy that he will bring bloodstorm in Goryo, was stigmatized as ‘the cursed prince’.When he was 8, his older brother Wang Tae gets killed mysteriously, and Wang Gun (father) worries that he will be blamed. so he kicks out Wang So from palace.

He grows up in Keum Gang mountain.Because of the stigma that he is cursed and the scar that he was abandoned he lived freely without any goal in his life.

He meets Shin Yool and learns the significance of ‘choice’. He starts…

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Old Goodbye – Synopsis and pics

How perfect is this??? ❤

Stuck on Hyuk


OMG! Fated to love you fans! Snail couple fans! Jang couple fans! It’s time for us to spazzzzzzz over upcoming One Act Drama “Old Goodbye” starring our fated loves!!!!! How cute are they?


Old Goodbye Synopsis:

SooHyuk receives a call telling him he just received a house. It’s his ex-wife ChaeHee’s house. SooHyuk finds some old polaroid photos in the secret attic and has a time slip to the past…ChaeHee waiting for her death, and SooHyuk struggling to save her. The breathtaking time travel begins.







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Fated To Love You Eps 1: Gifs

So, I can finally make gifs! After a month using mac, finally I found half of my life again. You don’t know how much I enjoy making gifs! I did a few for Fated To Love You eps 1.


Shampoo dance anyone?


Make sure to laugh big after drench your basically head to toe


And walk away like Captain Jack Sparrow

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KPOP CD/DVD collections

Hello minna-sama ^^

Yesterday I moved and arranged my CD/DVD collections from one box to another. It was a mess and I just realized, I bought all of it without actually using any of them *Normally I just listen to the songs I downloaded from internet despite the fact that I actually bought the original CD* .  There are a few of my CDs that gone missing and I have no idea where I put them. Maybe I left it in my hometown.

The CD/DVDs. Please ignore the un-carpeted floor.

As you should realize by now, most of the CD are TVXQ/JYJ’s. There’re a lot of their album/photobook/DVD that I want to buy, *if only money would really grow on a tree* Continue reading

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DB5K spazzing

I have time to write. Yay for me. ^^

Hello minna-sama, ogenki-desuka? Watashi wa itsumo no yo ni genki-desu. I promised myself to catch up with those lot of dramas that I missed out, but instead, I rewatch my TVXQ5 video/photo collections. I can’t help myself I’m sorry, I miss them so much lately I don’t think I have time to do other things *well, work does not count*. 

This post is JYJCY related, so, please back away if you’re not into them. ;D, Ah before that, Listen to their a capella collection first. Who needs music instrument when five voices produced something beautiful like this?

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The drought has ended..


YES!! I’m back. The lappy-less drought has finally ended. I got myself a new laptop *cough*  it’s actually office’s, not mine, but I treated it as mine all the same *cough*. Finally I can catch up with drama and blogging ^^


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Thank you Junsu for the medley It’s been a while since last I heard Junsu singing live and he still has that angelic voice and I love his pinkish hair so much. During his ‘2014 XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan’ yesterday, he sang a medley of Toho5hinki’s songs (Begin, Stand by U, Sky, Heart Mind & Soul, Love in the Ice, Proud and Asu wa Kuru Kara) that made him cried at the end of it while I’m weeping 2 minutes in the medley. It reminds me of the good old time and good old memories. Though some stans are butthurt with Junsu sang Toho5’s songs, as far as I remembered, stans are microorganism and their very existence should be ignored. :p *I don’t fancy seeing fanwar here. shoooh, shoooh!* Junsu said he saw some fans crying that was why he also began to cry. Thank you Kim Junsu for making my OT5’s feelings overload this much 😀 p/s: JYJ will make comeback this year. They should you know, it’s been so long, I’ve been wondering is JYJ even exists as a group or not.

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